Bled, the - silent treatment

People who pre-ordered the album through were to receive a limited edition, green vinyl print of the album along with the cd, limited to 300. This was changed to a 2 LP press a day before the official release of the album, causing a week delay in shipping. Pre-orders were shipped out on Friday, October 4, 2007. The vinyl is translucent green.

W hen Davo was a boy growing up in Rotorua, New Zealand, he always wanted to have his own Go Kart. But his childhood dream of zipping around a track in his miniature racing car, and maybe one day becoming a world-famous Formula 1 driver, was never realized. However, if Davo couldn’t have a Go Kart in life, he decided he would have one in death, and he was in the right town to make it happen.

Bled, The - Silent TreatmentBled, The - Silent TreatmentBled, The - Silent TreatmentBled, The - Silent Treatment