Billy swan - i can help (bentley rhythm ace remix)

'I Can Help' was written during March 1974, and also during that time Billy Swan recorded it with producer and engineer Chip Young at the Young'un Sound studio in Murfreesboro, TN. The distinctive keyboards were played by Swan on a portable Farfisa belonging to Memphis session musician Bobby Emmons while Chip's German Shepherd puppy, Bowser tugged on his pants leg. [2] The vocals were recorded with a Neumann U47 , while Swan's Farfisa, Mike Leech 's bass and Reggie Young 's guitar, were all recorded direct. Dennis Linde and Johnny Christopher, who performed for the song on acoustic guitars , were each miked with Sony ECM lapel mics, while the setup for Hayword Bishop 's drums comprised another pair of ECMs overhead on the cymbals, an Electrovoice RE15 on the toms, an RE20 on the kick and a Shure SM58 on the snare. [2] Keyboardist Bobby Wood was also booked for the session, but after hearing the track and realising he wasn't needed he joined Emmons and Young in the control room. Emmons and Young suggested overdubbing handclaps at the end to convey an in-studio party atmosphere, as well as adding some bridge-section backing vocals by Lea Jane Berinati and the Holliday Sisters . [2] Swan recalls, "Chip was excited after he recorded that part, but I went out there and listened to it, and I said, 'Boy, I don't know.' I listened to it over and over, until finally I said, 'Hey, man, nothing else will work.' It was actually a great solo, so that just shows you where my head is at. That part was so perfect, and today a lot of people remember the song because of that solo." [2]

Swan moved to Memphis to work with Black, but this was cut short with Black's illness and subsequent death in 1965. He also for a time worked on Elvis Presley 's Graceland estate. He then moved to Nashville , which enabled him to write hit country songs for numerous artists , including Conway Twitty , Waylon Jennings , and Mel Tillis . In 1969, Swan first took on the role of record producer, producing Tony Joe White 's Top Ten hit " Polk Salad Annie ". Swan also played bass guitar for Kris Kristofferson and then signed a solo recording deal with Monument Records . [1]

Billy Swan - I Can Help (Bentley Rhythm Ace Remix)Billy Swan - I Can Help (Bentley Rhythm Ace Remix)Billy Swan - I Can Help (Bentley Rhythm Ace Remix)Billy Swan - I Can Help (Bentley Rhythm Ace Remix)